The home selling process in a nutshell

Thinking about selling your home? Awesome – let’s do it! But first, I want to take you through the home selling process, so you know what to expect. Selling your home is kind of a big deal. It’s an important financial transaction and a bit of a complicated process. But don’t worry, that’s why I’m here! I’ll have your back every step of the
way. Although each sale is different, the process is about the same every time – and believe me, I’ve done this many times 😉 I’ve broken down the home selling process into 7 manageable steps, so you have a greater understanding of the chain of events and know what to expect. The home selling process will go something like this:

“Selling your home can be scary and confusing. As a knowledgeable and professional real estate agent, I promise to be a committed ally to negotiate on your behalf, access to systems that will streamline the selling process, and the backing of the #1 Real Estate company in America, Keller Williams Realty. I have helped numerous families sell their homes for TOP dollar!”

Realtor Ashley Pressley

Ashley Pressley

Keller Williams Realty- Aiken Partners

I’m Ready To Sell My Home!

the home selling process in a nutshell


1. Meet with a pro

We’ll start by discussing your short- and long-term goals, especially your bottom line take-home
dollars. I’ll introduce you to my home selling system and present my marketing plan. The
purpose of this zero-obligation meeting is for you to feel knowledgeable and confident as you
step into your home selling journey.

I know it’s tempting to flirt with the idea of saving money by hitting the market as a “For Sale by
Owner,” but I assure you that agent representation is essential to a timely and top-dollar sale.
The protection ensured to you by hiring an experienced, educated agent is priceless. Plus, a
number of studies show that agent-sold properties sell for more than those listed as a FSBO!


2. Establish a price

After I tour your home I’ll do my homework, so I can help you establish a fair, competitive
asking price. I’ll look at the prices of comparable properties that have recently sold, call listing
agents of recently sold properties in the area, and tour active listings that would be considered
“competition.” Once I’m done with my research, I’ll present you with my findings. Together,
we’ll crunch the numbers and set a list price!

It’s important to review the market analysis and consider your list price objectively. Tricky, I
know – but the biggest mistake you can make as a home seller is to overprice your listing.
Remember, this is no longer your home but an asset you need to sell.


3. Get your house ready to sell

Prepping your home for buyers is one of the most important steps to selling a house. It might
give you a bit of a workout, but making necessary repairs, cleaning, organizing and decluttering
is a MUST. First impressions matter!

I’ll give you some guidance on what repairs are most urgent and which can be left for
negotiation, as well as offer you tips and tricks on what you can do to make your listing as
attractive as possible.

Pro tip: Walk through your home and look at it through a buyer’s lens. Declutter. Depersonalize.
Repeat. This will help prospective buyers imagine living in the home and making it their own.


4. Hit the market

Once you’ve signed the seller’s disclosures (this is where you’ll provide full disclosure of
anything that has been a problem in the house and explain how the situation has been
corrected), it’s go time. I’ll list your home on the open market!

It’s my job to market your home with intriguing advertising. This includes professional photos
and conveying the selling points of your home through compelling advertising words. As for
making sure your listing is as accessible as possible, that’s where you come in. Potential buyers
may ask to view your home on short notice. Do your best to accommodate these requests,
because you never know which showing will bring you your buyer! From there, we’ll collect
buyer feedback and pivot our strategy as necessary.


5. Offers and negotiation

After a buyer submits an offer, you have the opportunity to accept, decline, or respond with
your counteroffer. As offers come in, I’ll walk you through the pros and cons, but the decision is
ultimately yours.

The negotiation process will be much easier if you know what is most important to you — and
what’s not as crucial. That way, you know when to stand firm and when to compromise. The
goal is to meet a buyer in the middle so that both parties walk away happy.


6. Under contract

At this point, you and the buyer have agreed to a sales prices and any terms. Yay! The buyer will
work with their lender to finalize financing – which may include an appraisal – and will perform a
physical inspection of the home. Be prepared for them to ask you to make certain repairs, but
I’ll review any objections with you and advise you on how to proceed.


7. And finally… Closing!

Be prepared for a heck of a lot of paperwork, but hang in there – this is a very exciting day!
Facilitated by an independent third party (usually a title company), closing is the time you’ll
transfer the funds and ownership, and relinquish your keys to the new owner. And don’t forget
the mailbox keys and garage door openers!